• All trees are bare root and are approximately 5’ tall with a diameter of about 5/8”
  • Peaches are self pollinating.
    For all other trees, you need to order at least one of each type for best results.
  • Orders due by Wednesday, April 19th. Make checks payable to Nazareth Area Science Project.
  • Pick-up date: April 30th from 9-12 at Bushkill Elementary School.
  • Quantities are limited and orders will be processed in the order they are received. Trees must be picked up on the delivery date and should be planted within a few days.

Red Apple – Galanina – $15

Yellow(ish) Apple – Gold Rush – $15

Peach – Messina – $15
The fruit is very large, highly colored, with excellent firmness and fruit quality. The trees are very vigorous, productive and resistant to bacterial spot. This variety is receiving very high marks by growers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Plum – Flavorich – $17
Fruit is dark purple, firm, very sweet with a yellow-orange flesh. The tree is vigorous, upright and very productive. Pollination is required.

Plum – Flavor Heart – $17
Flavor Heart is a late season selection which harvests in early September in south central PA. The fruit is heart-shaped with very dark, purple-red skin and yellow flesh. The flavor is pleasantly sweet, but does ripen quickly on the tree and should be harvested in a timely manner.

Pear – Potomic $15
The fruit is moderate in size, averaging 2.5 inches. The flesh texture is moderately fine and buttery. The flavor is pleasingly sub-acid with a mild aroma and is similar to Beurre D’Anjou in character. The tree is moderately vigorous and resistant to fire blight.

Pear – AC Harrow Crisp – $15
This variety harvests with Bartlett and sizes slightly larger. Fruit has a very attractive finish with a red blush over smooth, yellow skin and the flavor is mildly sweet. The tree is hardy, productive and has proven resistance to fire blight.

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